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At Grove Primary, we believe that the greatest gift is a passion for reading. If we are going to succeed in ‘building our children’s future together’ then it is essential that our children learn to read and see the value of reading in real life.

We aim to hear every child read every day, either as part of their daily reading lessons, or through focused one to one reading sessions.

Children begin their reading journey In Nursery, where they are introduced to sounds and participate in pre-reading activities which develop phonological awareness. When they are ready, children are introduced to letter sounds and begin to develop oral segmenting and blending skills.

 This is built on in Reception and Key Stage 1 where children take part in daily phonics lessons using the Read Write Inc (RWI) phonics programme.

When children have successfully completed the RWI programme they begin the ‘SMART’ approach to reading which focuses on further developing comprehension skills including retrieval, inference, prediction, and explanation.

Children have a daily ‘SMART ‘reading lesson where they practice these skills with both their class text and unfamiliar texts, including non-fiction and poetry.

Parental support is valued, and the school greatly appreciates parents/carers hearing children read at home.

Our Curriculum

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Our Curriculum

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